The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition: The Auction Experience

Bid on artwork for a good cause

The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition was an innovative health awareness campaign based around the themes of empowerment intertwined with the celebration of the female body. Our previous programme experience revealed that raising awareness through traditional channels can be daunting, embarrassing and uncomfortable. Thus, we began thinking about different approaches on how to get the message across without using any of the embarrassing terms or language associated with the disease. Using the illustrative power of the arts as a subtle way of educating individuals on the prevention of gynaecological cancers, The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition was born.

Featuring local and international artists such as Ali Ghorbani, Basil Pao, Kim Robinson and Simon Birch, and with the help of incredible partners such as Phillips, WOMANBOSS, HandsOn Hong Kong and the Women's Festival, just to name a few, the exhibition proved to be a tremendous success and served its purpose of igniting the conversation. 

Although the physical exhibition is no longer available, the silent auction for all the artwork can be accessed here. We hope you enjoy the artwork, and in the spirit of giving back, please bid for a good cause. 50 percent of all proceeds will go directly towards KLFs’ Programmes.