The Extraordinary Exhibition

A community art exhibition to foster health literacy

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The Extraordinary Exhibition (Tai Kwun) 普通不過...展覽 (大館)

Nov 9th 2020 - Nov 23rd 2020
11:00 - 20:00
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About the event

The Extraordinary Exhibition is an innovative health awareness campaign created by the Karen Leung Foundation (KLF) informed by themes of empowerment, as well as the celebration of the female body.

KLF’s previous program experience exposed that raising awareness through traditional channels is usually not an easy conversation or very effective. Thus, we began thinking about different approaches on how to get the message across without using any of the embarrassing terms or language associated with the disease. So we decided on the illustrative power of the arts as a subtle way of educating and preventing gynaecological cancers and the concept of the “The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition” was born.

The exhibition will last from October 23 to November 23, 2020. From October 23 - November 6, 2020 the exhibition will be located in the Eaton Hotel, for the remainder it will move to Tai Kwun from November 9 – 22, 2020.  During the Tai Kwun based exhibit we will be offering interactive arts and healthcare oriented workshops.

The exhibit will feature local and international artists’ work around the project theme. Contributing artists include Ali Ghorbani, Afa Annfa, Basil Pao, Eunice Cheung, Faye Wei Wei, Gedvile Bunikyte, Ines Laimins, Jenny Lam, Kim Robinson, Lean Lui, Lily Leung, MICKCO, Ophelia Jacarini, Pirate, Riya Chandiramani, Sarah Tse, Simon Birch and Vivian Ho.

The project has also already attracted numerous partners such as, curators & auction partners Phillips, the Eaton Hotel HK, WOMANBOSS, Natasha Moor. Activation partners Sambalabhu Yoga, Pangenia, HerYogaPractise and Trinity, and NGO partners such as the Hong Kong Anti-cancer Society, Cookie Smiles, HandsOn Hong Kong and the Women’s Festival.

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The Extraordinary Exhibition (Tai Kwun) 普通不過...展覽 (大館)


Upper Chambers Block 09-2/F
亞畢諾廳 09座二樓


09-11-2020 - 23-11-2020

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Event Partners

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