Raising Health Awareness through the Arts

Sharing the prevention and early detection message in a new way

Raising public awareness by promoting health prevention and increasing overall health knowledge is important for both individuals and the society.
Based on KLF’s latest research around the needs of gynaecological cancer patients, improved health literacy will not only benefit the early detection of the disease, but also help to reduce the social stigma associated with it and create a better social environment for patients. However, the message is not always easy to understand, and at times boring, therefore a more effective and interactive way to engage the general public is needed. Thus we are looking to marry the arts with health literacy by using especially created art pieces to help conceptualize the issues around gynecological cancer prevention.
For this planned 2020 project, KLF will enlist local and regional artists to create new art pieces and present them in a public exhibition to shed light on the issue. The aim of the project is to reach the wider Hong Kong population and utilize the arts to overcome cultural, ethnic or social barriers.

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