Raising Health Awareness through the Arts

Sharing the prevention and early detection message in a new way

Improved health literacy is not only beneficial in the early detection and prevention of gynaecological cancers, it also has a key focus on reducing the social stigma associated with the censures of cancer.

The message KLF is trying convey is not necessarily a stress-free conversation to have and at times touches on issues that are perceived embarrassing, therefore a more effective and interactive approach to engage the general public is needed, hence the KLF Community Art Project was born.

The envisioned project is a community-wide health awareness programme, which aims to advance women’s wellbeing. It builds on the Foundation’s school-based cervical cancer prevention programmes as well as our regular corporate talks on female disease prevention. 

This exciting upcoming project plans to enlist 2-dozen artists to work around the theme of women’s empowerment and celebrating the female body. The project aims to raise public awareness around women’s health and improve health literacy.

The project consists of three components - an art exhibition, a social media campaign, and a closing auction event. The campaign momentum will continue to accelerate after the exhibition with new projects planned for schools and beyond, generating greater awareness and accessibility to testing and preventative measures in Hong Kong.

The main exhibition will launch in late October 2020 and will be accessible in locations across Kowloon and Hong Kong Island side. Stay tuned for more updates! 



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