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Working together to save lives.

Over 1,600 Hong Kong women and families are impacted by gynecological cancer every year.

About us

Founded to honor Karen Leung, a beloved wife, daughter, friend and colleague. Karen Leung Foundation raises awareness and promotes prevention, early detection and optimal treatment of gynecological cancer.

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Learn More About Gynecological Cancer

KLF is working to provide you with comprehensive, accurate and helpful information about gynecological cancer. Search our knowledge base and know the facts.

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Get Involved

Karen Leung Foundation believes that knowledge is power. Empower the women in your workplace or community organization with the information they need to protect their gynecological health.

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2015 Sohn Conference Hong Kong presented by the Karen Leung Foundation

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The Karen Leung Foundation is proud to present our 3rd annual Hong Kong Investor Conference, to take place at the Asia Society on June 3, 2015

The conference, in partnership with the globally recognized Sohn Conference Foundation, is a must-attend event for Asia providing a forum for successful professional investors to present a market view or investment idea, allowing attendees such as sell and buy side investment professionals, asset allocators, and private investors to glean valuable insights from leaders in the field. Many of these investors—who represent well over US$20 billion of invested capital, managing both long-only and hedge fund portfolios—rarely share their insights in any public forum.

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