Hong Kong adds HPV Vaccination catch-up Programme

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In 2020, Cervical Cancer was the seventh most common female cancer in Hong Kong according to the Department of Health. 

To commemorate the month of January which is dedicated to raising awareness for cervical cancer, the DH released a document to educate the citizens about the causes of the disease as well as its detection and prevention. 

Vaccination against high-risk Human papillomavirus (HPV), which is the most common cause of cervical cancer, aids in prevention while careful monitoring of cervical health via screening has been proven successful in its early detection and eradication. This is why the DH has provided free HPV vaccination to eligible Primary Five school girls under the Hong Kong Childhood Immunisation Programme through the school outreach vaccination service. While the immunisation rates of both doses were in the 80th percentile range for elementary school students, the DH is currently planning a one-off catch-up programme to provide mop-up HPV vaccination for secondary school female students or older girls (18 years or below) in 2023-24. 

Further advising citizens to prevent the common causes of HPV, the DH warned them against risk factors including sexual intercourse at an early age, multiple sexual partners, smoking and weakened immunity since persistent infection with HPV may cause cervical cancer. 

All sexually active women aged 25 to 64 were also urged to utilise the Cervical Screening Programme produced by the government in collaboration with the healthcare sector in 2004 to receive regular cervical screening. It is vital to note that Maternal and Child Health Centres currently offer subsidised cervical screening to the public, at $100 per screening; payment is waived for recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance and holders of the Certificate for Waiver of Medical Charges. This price is small compared to the cost of your health if it remains disregarded.

The Karen Leung Foundation works to save lives in Hong Kong by raising awareness of gynaecological cancer to increase rates of early detection and ensure that women in treatment have access to optimal medical care.   

We also provide health resources such as inoculation programmes for both older girls and boys via our Private School Programme. Please visit our website to read more about our private school vaccination programme.

In case you have queries, doubts or fears, we will readily assist you and support your journey to achieve optimal health.