Project Teal 3.1 & 4

The proceeds of the 10th edition of the Sohn Hong Kong Conference will go towards two prevention projects, (Teal 3.1 and 4), which will involve the innovative Q-Pad, a modified menstrual pad, whereby the diagnostic value of menstrual blood provides insights into several health markers.

In September 2022, the Foundation, together with its project partners will launch a study (Teal 3.1) which will cover 200 women who have been diagnosed with high risk HPV and assess how the knowledge of additional bio markers collected via self-sampling, may positively contribute in future disease screening.

Project Teal 4, planned for spring 2023, will cover 1000 women with limited access to screening in a community setting. The project will compare the acceptability of active (HPV self-test) versus passive self-testing (Q-Pad).

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