HPV Immunization and Education Programme for Private School Students

In 2022, the Karen Leung Foundation continues to improve and extend the HPV immunization and education programme to private school students, both girls and boys, to ensure the health of our young generations. The programme will offer HPV vaccination and health education for both parents and students at- cost.  

Started in 2014, the Karen Leung Foundation, as the only Hong Kong charity working on preventing gynaecological cancers in the local community, had noticed the importance of HPV prevention. Ever since, the Foundation has been actively implementing HPV immunization & education programmes, especially to school students to prevent HPV infection and related cancers as early as possible.  

While the government has initiated a communal HPV immunization programme to primary 5 to 6 school girls in 2018, a large number of higher grade girls and boys are not covered by the government programme. With the understanding that there are students not being eligible to enroll into the government programme, the Karen Leung Foundation continues to help address these unmet needs. 

To date, our programme has benefitted over 3,000 girls and 500 boys within Hong Kong in receiving HPV immunization. 

With years of in-depth study/research collaborated with universities and clinics across Hong Kong, the Karen Leung Foundation had gained deep understanding about the benefits of the program, and aims to  provide more access and knowledge to younger generations and their parents. Through extending the programme, Karen Leung Foundation strives to make positive impact to the local community.

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