The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition 2021

September - November 2021

Following the success of KLF's very first The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition, which launched in October 2020, the calling for a sequel has never been louder. This year, kicking off on 14 September 2021, The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition is back, bigger and better! As a community-wide health awareness project at its core, the exhibition will travel across four venues throughout the city with the aim to leverage art to promote health and well-being for women from all walks of life. 

For this year's ExtraOrdinary Exhibition, there will be a greater, more diverse range of artworks showcased. From sculptures and three-dimensional installations to texturized paintings and freehand sketches, the Exhibition will open up a whole new dimension; one designed to push the boundaries of creativity and interactivity. 

With an exciting lineup of talented artists, both local and international, we are delighted to welcome you back for a series of programs and events aimed to spark interest, ignite conversations, and leave a lasting impression. Stay tuned on KLF channels for exciting events throughout the upcoming months... 

A special thank you to our Advisors: 

Genavieve Alexander - Founder & Director - Genavieve.Co, PR Brand for Hong Kong
Gil Bourgeois & Jeremy Weltmann - Co-Founders, TwentyCinco
Tarane Ali Khan - Founder & Managing Director, Linear Arts
Cheryl Leung - Independent Practitioner 
Katie De Tilly - Owner, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Matthew Tosca - Founder & Artistic Director, Vox Vanguard

Program Partners