Update on recent HPV Vaccine shortage in Hong Kong market


Posted on 18 June, 2018

Fortunately for KLF, we are currently not using Gardasil 9, the latest HPV vaccine that MSD has brought to the market, for our school based vaccination program. However given that the bi-valent vaccine type by GSK, which we are using will ultimately be pulled from the Hong Kong market, we are addressing now any such risks of vaccine shortage for our forthcoming school year to avoid disruption of this KLF flagship program. 

Below you may find a summary of recent press around this topic which KLF has contributed to:

SCMP - June 18, 2018
Chinese agent orchestrating HPV vaccine protest against US medical firm Merck in Hong Kong is profiting from offering the jab

SCMP - June 18, 2018
Hong Kong medical centers under fire after selling HPV cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil 9 and then failing to deliver

Bloomberg - June 13, 2018 
Vaccine prices have spiked and clinics are turning away patients

SCMP - June 8, 2018
Shortage of HPV anti-cancer drug Gardasil in Hong Kong prompts protest outside Merck offices in Causeway Bay

May 21, 2018 
Hundreds of mainland women threaten legal action over HPV vaccine shortage in Hong Kong