Program update: 2018/19 HPV school vaccination program


Posted on 28 January, 2019

To date, we have vaccinated 756 girls under our flagship HPV school vaccination program, covering eight (8) public schools in different parts of Hong Kong. Most of the schools saw over 90% vaccine uptake rates among the eligible girls. This school HPV vaccination program is one of the KLF’s key programs since 2015. Together with CUHK, the program aims to advocate as well as sponsor school girls to prevent cervical cancer through HPV vaccination. Especially this year we found more girls already vaccinated before our program. This finding indicates greater awareness and acceptance of the HPV vaccine with parents in Hong Kong. Below is the list of school targeted in the 2018/19 school year.


Stewards Ma Kam Ming Charitable Foundation Ma Ko Pan Memorial College


Yan Oi Tong Chan Wong Suk Fong Memorial Secondary School


Yan Chai Hospital No. 2 Secondary School


St. Catharine's School for Girls


Tsung Tsin College


SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School


SKH Bishop Baker Secondary School


Bebilios Public School