KLF X WomenX Biotech: Earn HK$100 by taking part in a clinical study for non-invasive, at home, cancer screening


Posted on 24 April, 2024

WomenX Biotech Limited, supported by HK Science and Technology Park and ITF, is launching a groundbreaking clinical study to develop sanitary pads for detecting cervical cancer.

KLF is honored to team up with WomenX to help them reach more women across Hong Kong. As we continue our mission to support Hong Kong’s female community, this partnership demonstrates our continued commitment.

Study Aim

To increase screening rates among women in Hong Kong, we aim to develop a non-invasive method that utilizes biomarkers from menstrual blood to detect pre-cervical/cervical cancer. We understand that some women face challenges in accessing standard screenings, and our goal is to address these barriers so that we can detect cancer early and save more lives.

With this new project, we are moving closer to making it faster, more comfortable, and more convenient than ever to get screened for cervical cancer. The sooner you get screened, the more lives can be saved.

Get Involved: Receive a free testing kit + HK$100 coupon!

  1. Check Your Eligibility

  • Female aged between 18 to 55 (with menstruation)

  • Had sex before

  1. Procedures

           Sign a registry form: https://forms.gle/UYBEDzKhUMisDGSYA

           Once confirmed by WomenX, if you are eligible, you will be reach out and will give the collection procedure afterwards:

  • Attend briefing session (Online or Face-to-face)

  • Fill out the consent form and health questionnaire

  • If you can provide a cervical examination report taken within last 3 months, you will receive a $100 coupon

  • If not, you can get a free pap smear test in a designated clinic (you will be informed once you opt in to participate)

  • WomenX will send the sample collection kit (which including pad & urine canisters) to you via SF Express locker service at your preferred location

  • You need to collect menstrual blood and urine samples during the day of your heaviest flow of the period

  • Return the sample collection kit back to WomenX at any MTR East Rail Line stations (face to face arrangement)

  1. Benefits

  • Use a sanitary pad that is used to detect cervical cancer lesions

  • Receive a HK$100 coupon if you can provide a previous report of your cervical examination report within 3 months


  • Receive a free pap smear test

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