Karen Leung Foundation X Phase Scientific: "Yes We Can 1+1 End Cervical Cancer” Movement


Posted on 03 May, 2024

In response to International HPV Awareness Day and Women's Day in March, Phase Scientific launched the "Yes We Can 1+1 End Cervical Cancer" campaign. Citizens or enterprises can donate to or purchase INDICAID HPV urine test boxes, and Phase Scientific will match donations to support grassroots women, so they can also benefit from the non-invasive self-sampling method for detecting the HPV virus through this campaign. Early detection of HPV infection through this method can significantly reduce the risk of cervical cancer and contribute to improving the health of grassroots women.

Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in Hong Kong women, but only 50% of Hong Kong women have ever been tested. Phase Scientific has been committed to promoting social attention to cervical cancer caused by the HPV virus and improving the screening rate through the research and development of innovative HPV urine tests for women who reject the general screening process due to fear, discomfort, embarrassment, or even busyness.

The company recently held a health talk in the community (on April 22, 2024) to introduce cervical cancer prevention information to over 160 grassroots women, dispel various myths about cervical cancer screening, explain the relationship between HPV and cervical cancer, and present effective prevention methods, including emphasizing the importance of regular testing.

The Karen Leung Foundation actively supported the campaign by organizing activities and distributing HPV urine test kits to grassroots women in need of care.

Cervical cancer is a preventable cancer in women, and we will continue to promote relevant information in the community and work with all sectors to contribute to women's health.