The Karen Leung Foundation supports International Women's Day 2018 (March 2018 Newsletter)


Posted on 09 March, 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters, 

Today is International Women’s Day, a global occasion celebrating the social, cultural, economic, and political achievements of women. It is a call to action. Here at KLF we #PressForHealth and support young girls and women through our programming to combat gynaecological cancers in Hong Kong.
In celebration of International Women's Day, as well as our own 5th Anniversary, KLF has entered into an exclusive collaboration with artist and print designer Leanne Claxton
Leanne will soon launch an exclusive silk scarf for KLF featuring a ‘Bauhinia’, an orchid-like flower native to Hong Kong and featured on the Hong Kong flag. Leanne has shared with us her ‘work in progress’ and sketch, which you can view below and on our website
Leanne is generously donating 70% of each sale to the Karen Leung Foundation. With your help, we hope to gain additional resources to vaccinate more girls who urgently need the protection against the deadly disease cervical cancer. Your donation of only HKD 1,500 will vaccinate one Hong Kong girl, and donation of HKD 25,000 would vaccinate an entire classroom of girls. Therefore, every purchase of one of Leanne’s scarves results in a donation to KLF that is directly transformational: the more you buy, the more girls we can vaccinate, making an immediate and impactful difference in these girls’ lives.

To pre-order your exclusive piece and thereby secure your donation to KLF, you can email us today. We will display the final design in our April newsletter, and the limited edition pieces will go on sale at that time. 
With warmest regards thanking you for your support. 

The KLF Team


Community Outreach


KLF - Claxton collaboration


The Leanne Claxton digital luxury scarf collection sees the artist’s dramatic oil paintings digitally transformed and printed to the highest possible quality and finish onto the finest fabrics. Each scarf starts life as a detailed graphite sketch, which is then interpreted into an oil painting and screen print. 

The KLF design will feature the Foundation’s primary and secondary colours to highlight our brand identity. 

KLF in the News

KLF advocates primary prevention to the Hong Kong Legislative Council

On Friday, March 2, the KLF team attended the Cancer Strategy Special Meeting at the Hong Kong Legislative Council. The Hong Kong Government’s Panel on Health Services listened to cancer-related issues brought forward by different community stakeholders, as well as council members.

Prior to that, KLF had submitted a written motion to support the Cancer Strategy Special Meeting and to highlight the fact that HPV is the only carcinogenic agent responsive to a vaccine. Therefore, KLF continues to advocate that the Hong Kong Government should favour and directly support primary prevention methods over secondary or tertiary treatment methods, including a Hong Kong wide vaccination program for girls (and boys).

We will not give up this fight, and intend to continue to push the Hong Kong Government to act. In the meantime, we will continue to vaccinate Hong Kong girls through the donations we receive from friends and supporters.

To view the entire summary of the motion and some of the press coverage generated through a press event the day prior, please view the KLF blog.