Karen Leung Foundation launches promotion video to highlight the importance of women’s health in celebration of International Women’s Day


Posted on 09 April, 2020

On March 8, 2020 we launched our new health promotion video to address the need for regular screening on all our social media platforms in celebration of International Women’s Day. The campaign ran the entire month of March in an effort to raise public awareness, with men and women alike, on the importance of women’s health.

The video is themed around how easy it is to prioritise regular gynaecological checkup despite our busy lives. Different from other health promotion clips,  the KLF clips address the fact that women are not alone when looking to maintaining good gynaecological health; also other stakeholders can play an active role to support women. Our families, friends, and even co-workers are essential for women to stick to routine check-ups. 

Our video post on Facebook reached over 50,000 people and received over 25,000 views. Still haven't watched the video? Click here: http://bit.ly/2TzJkRU