Hong Kong’s first public HPV scheme


Posted on 15 October, 2018

KLF is enthusiastic that according to the latest policy address by Carrie Lam (Chief Executive of HKSAR), the Hong Kong Government will implement a new vaccination scheme covering school girls in Primary Five and Six, aged 9 to 11, for HPV vaccine starting from school year 2019/20. This initiative is to address the cervical cancer incidence rate in Hong Kong.

The school-based HPV vaccination approach has been advocated and implemented by KLF for the last five years. We are happy to see, that Hong Kong has finally planned to implement this public program after their vaccination pilot of sponsoring the low-income girls, however it was carried out through community organizations.

Based on KLF’s experience with school vaccination programs, it is most effective and results in a high vaccine uptake rate (around 85% comparing to 10% of HK’s normal one). With this initiative, we believe the HKSAR can help to reduce the incident of cervical cancer and promote health literacy overall. Stay tuned for more news.

Reference: https://www.policyaddress.gov.hk/2018/eng/policy_ch06.html