The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition: Key Highlights & Takeaways


Posted on 03 December, 2020

The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition, which made its debut in October, was the cornerstone of the newly-created KLF Art Project; a project designed to utilize the illustrative power of the arts as a less invasive, more interactive way of educating people on gynaecological cancers.

With over 750 in-person attendees and over 1 million individuals reached via online and offline marketing, the campaign hit the ground running and garnered great momentum over the span of a month. Given the success of this experimental initiative, this evaluation is designed not only for us to analyse and understand results, but more importantly, for us to be transparent with you and share valuable key learnings.

The awareness campaign was devised into three objectives. First and foremost, to understand the attitude towards women’s health and to dispel any negative stigmas attached. Secondly, to gauge the level of comfort of women discussing their bodies and gynaecological-related issues and how to eliminate any insecurities or fears. Lastly, the likelihood of women taking action to play an active role in prevention and awareness.

In order to achieve this, we encouraged all attendees to fill out a quick survey following their visit. Over 70 responses were collected and just as we had hoped, the positive shift in attitude was evident and pervasive. Using a scale from 1-10 where 1 means “Strongly Disagree” and 10 means “Strongly Agree,” the average participant rated 7's across the board when asked if they were more inclined to talk about and seek help pertaining to topics related to the female body and gynaecological health. 

From the digital standpoint, our social media growth and press coverage hit a homerun on all fronts. From October to November, we ran an extensive social media campaign across our Facebook and Instagram platforms. Over the span of a month, we garnered over 670,000 in reach, impressions and engagement alike and doubled our Instagram following.

As for press coverage, we accumulated a collective reach of over 6 million from both online and offline publications. The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition was featured in a total of eight English and Chinese publications from the likes of Vogue HK, South China Morning Post (SCMP) and HK01, just to name a few.The Exhibition pieces are still up for grabs on our silent auction site until 21 January 2021. Get bidding!