HPV vaccination program

A program directly addressing Hong Kong's community needs.

Did you know?

In Hong Kong, one woman dies of cervical cancer approximately every other day

Hong Kong Uptake Rate is Low

Vaccination rate in Hong Kong is less than 10% for age-appropriate girls as compared to over 70% in Australia, UK and Canada

Low Levels of Awareness

Lack of education and promotion of awareness of HPV and the vaccines.

Cost is an Enormous Barrier

HK$2,500-HK$5,000 for the three-dose series, while the average Hong Kong woman's monthly income is about HK$12,000.

HPV Vaccination Program

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) causes about 99.7% of cancer cases. There are currently three vaccines available that can prevent women from contracting the HPV strains most likely to cause cervical cancer. Hong Kong has an extremely low rate of girls vaccinated for HPV (less than 10% as compared to over 70% in other countries). Cost is an enormous barrier as the vaccine runs up to HK$ 2,500 – 5,000 out-of-pocket for individuals. Meanwhile, the US, UK, Canada, and Australia have publicly funded vaccination programs to ensure that the vaccine is affordable and accessible. In collaboration with expert researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, local schools and industry partners, we are launching a school-based vaccination programme to educate Hong Kong women and girls about the need for the vaccine, assist them in paying for it and galvanize support for a public program. The Hong Kong government currently has no plan to subsidize the expensive, life-saving vaccine which has led to a poor vaccination rate of fewer than 10% of age-appropriate women. The program provides free vaccines to the middle to low-income families who may not able to afford the vaccine. By sponsoring a girl, you will give her the best protection against HPV related cancers and disease later in her life.

We envision a world where women have every opportunity to live healthy, fulfilling lives free from gynaecological cancer. Join us on the path to making our community healthier.

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To make your life easier we offer various options to donate. You can donate in USD and HKD . Tax deductible receipts are available for either Hong Kong or the United States.

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