KLF x HKAHF Cervical Cancer Prevention Programme

In partnership with the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation

Since its inception, the Karen Leung Foundation has worked tirelessly around the prevention of cervical cancer through increasing vaccination and screening rates. Over the past years, the Foundation has had a flagship programme, Project Teal, which aims to decrease the incident rate of cervical cancer through screening in Hong Kong women. As one of the Foundation's longest-standing programmes, the mission is to provide free cervical cancer screening services (high-risk HPV tests and pap smears), as well as providing an educational component and follow-up advice in accordance with the latest Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines. 

As an extension of our past programs we are thrilled about the collaboration with the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation. Through this avenue of intake, we hope to continue to increase screening rates, raise awareness, and educate women in Hong Kong. A medical expert from the HKAHF as well as the Executive Director of the Foundation, Katharina Reimer, are collaborating in a series of health talks for all eligible women looking to participate in the programme, providing not only the tests but also, the knowledge required to stay safe for a lifetime.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in joining KLF's Cervical Cancer Prevention Programme.

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