The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition 2.0

September 2021

Following the success of our very first The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition, which launched in October 2020, the calling for a sequel has never been louder. Coming up in September 2021, The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition 2.0 will be spearheaded as a community-wide health awareness programme, aimed to advance the well-being of women in Hong Kong through none other than the visual arts.

For this year's Exhibition 2.0, there will be a greater, more diverse range of artworks showcased. From sculptures and three-dimensional installations to texturized paintings and freehand sketches, the Exhibition 2.0 will open up a whole new dimension; one designed to push the boundaries of creativity and interactivity. 

With an exciting lineup of talented artists, both local and international, we are delighted to welcome you back next year for a series of programmes aimed to spark interest, ignite conversations, and leave a lasting impression. If you are interested in either showcasing your work as an artist or getting involved in the Exhibition, please feel free to contact us.

Stay tuned for more updates...