About us

Karen’s Story

Karen Leung was just 34 years old, newly engaged to be married, with a promising career as a trader, when she was diagnosed with metastatic cervical cancer in November 2011. After experiencing months of vague symptoms like back pain and fatigue, the diagnosis was shocking. She sought treatment in Hong Kong and the US. After fighting courageously for nearly a year, she passed away in October 2012, at 35 years old.

Before she died, Karen expressed her wish to raise awareness among Hong Kong women and girls about gynecological cancers, so that others have the information needed to prevent cancer, detect it earlier and gain access to the best treatment options available. The Karen Leung Foundation (梁愷昍基金會) was created to honor Karen’s memory and her wish to save lives by reducing the impact of gynecological cancer in Hong Kong.

Who We Are

Our Founders and Board of Directors

Karen and Waqas' wedding reception, January 2012. From L to R:  Waqas Khatri, Seth Fischer and Karen.
Karen and Waqas’ wedding reception, January 2012. From L to R: Waqas Khatri, Seth Fischer and Karen.

Waqas Khatri:

Waqas is the co-founder of the Karen Leung Foundation. Waqas and Karen were married in January 2012 after several happy years together in Hong Kong. Given his journey with Karen before and during her battle with cervical cancer, he feels compelled to honor her wishes and ensure that other women have the opportunity to prevent cancer or detect it earlier.

Waqas brings vision, passion and leadership to the Foundation. He holds a BA in Computer Science and Economics from Vassar College. Waqas is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Ayrton Capital. He lives in New York City.


Seth Fischer:

Seth is a co-founder and Board member of the Karen Leung Foundation. He is also the founder and Chief Investment Officer at Oasis Management, where Karen worked as a trader in both the Tokyo and Hong Kong offices. Based in Hong Kong, Seth offers leadership in the day-to-day development of the organization in all areas. He holds a BA in Political Science from Yeshiva University in New York.

Driven by a strong interest in the community, Seth has served in the Israel Defense Forces and currently serves as a Board Member of Carmel School in Hong Kong, and Vice Chairman of the Ohel Leah Synagogue Management Committee. Seth lives with his wife, Nealy, and four children in Hong Kong.

Sarah Morgan:

Sarah joined the KLF Board in 2014 to help guide the Foundation’s operations and local impact for Hong Kong women and girls.

Sarah is currently a senior analyst at Goldman Sachs in Investment Banking Compliance. Before joining Goldman, she worked in Washington, D.C., for Freedom House and the Foreign Policy Initiative, where she focused on project management, fundraising and advocacy campaigns.

Sarah received her bachelor’s degree from Barnard College at Columbia University, and her master’s degree from the London School of Economics. Sarah lives with her husband in Hong Kong.

KLF Board and Management Team
Sohn Conference Hong Kong, June 2015. From L to R: Susanna Lee, Seth Fischer, Sarah Morgan, Lynn Tran and Waqas Khatri.

Our Team

Katharina Reimer, Executive Director:

Katharina joined the Karen Leung Foundation as Executive Director in January 2017 and leads all aspects of the Foundation’s operation, fundraising and development.

Katharina has extensive experience in working with both public and financial sector companies in the areas of fundraising, advocacy and marketing communications. Being a passionate advocate for philanthropic causes around women’s and family health as well as education, she has served on several philanthropic committees and foundation boards.

Katharina received her bachelor’s degree from The University of West of England in Bristol, and her master’s degree from the Berlin Schools for Economics and Law. She lives with her husband and a young daughter in Hong Kong.

Lynn Tran, Senior Health Planning Consultant:

Lynn served the Karen Leung Foundation as Executive Director from November 2014 to January 2017 and recently transitioned to a part-time consulting role, supporting the Foundation with health program planning, development and evaluation.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a masters degree in health administration from the University of British Columbia. Lynn has a strong background in policy and public health and and has worked in a variety of healthcare settings including research, community and government. Most recently she served as Health Planning Advisor on the STOP HIV/AIDS Project in Vancouver, Canada.

Lynn now lives in Vancouver with her husband and is honored to have the opportunity to continue to fulfill Karen’s wish to promote awareness, prevention, early detection and optimal treatment of gynecological cancers in the Hong Kong community.

Our Volunteers

Shelly Tong, Chair, Fundraising Committee:

Shelly joined the Karen Leung Foundation in 2013 to assist it with its fundraising efforts. She currently leads the Fundraising Committee, overseeing event planning, marketing and public relations. She hopes to give back to the local communities that she has greatly benefited from, and in particular, young women and girls. Shelly, a Taiwan native, is currently based in Singapore where she is working as a financial PR professional.